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  • Joking and insults
  • Ignoring or minimizing feelings
  • Withholds approval and emotional support as punishment
  • Yelling, name calling
  • Repeated insults, degrading
  • Targeted insults, or labeling
  • Belittling and private humiliation
  • Public humiliation
  • Blaming and accusing
  • Demands all attention
  • Resentful of children or marriage
  • Threats against children or marriage
  • Threats to take the children
  • Degrading role as mate, lover, or partner
  • Giving mixed signals
  • Lack of cause and effect
  • Questions sense of reality
  • Depression
  • Nervous breakdown
  • Mental illness
  • Complete isolation/withdrawn
  • Suicide by victim


  • Refusal to meet physical needs of dependents
  • Push, shove
  • Strangle, beat
  • Jerk, slap, bite, pinch
  • Shake, bruising
  • Withholding sex and affection
  • Hit, punch, kick
  • Targeted hitting
  • Repeated hitting
  • Use of objects as weapons
  • Throwing victim
  • Restraining while hitting or punching
  • Abuse during pregnancy
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries
  • Use of weapons
  • Disabling or disfiguring
  • Murder


  • Sexual jokes or demeaning gender remarks
  • Jealousy, assumes you are sexual with others
  • Unwanted touching
  • Criticism of sexuality
  • Name calling with sexual epithets
  • Forced to look at/engage in pornography
  • Demanding monogamy from victim despite promiscuous behavior by batterer
  • Coercive/demanding sex (use of threats)
  • Humiliation
  • Forceful sex (rape)
  • Forced, uncomfortable sex
  • Coercive/demanding sex after pregnancy or surgery
  • Rape resulting in permanent injury
  • Rape with imprisonment
  • Rape with murder


  • Uses gender myths and roles. Eliminate support system
  • Uses sexism, racism and/or homophobia. Prevents victim from learning English, degrades culture, religion or nationality
  • Alienates victim’s family/friends profession, gender. Threatens to ‘out’ lesbian or gay
  • Destroys or damages victim’s property. Tells victim they are always in control
  • Demonstration of strength. Complete isolation
  • Controls major decisions. Child abuse/incest
  • Enforces economic dependence. Destroys/maims family pet
  • Controls money/finances. Deprives victim of food, medicine, sleep
  • Denies access to work/gets them fired. Convinces victim they are hysterical, paranoid
  • Threatens to hurt victim’s extended family
  • Threatens to report to immigration. Suicide


Information given here is credited to Metropolitan King County Council April 2002


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