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I work with people every single day. Couples, Individuals, Old, and young…Although the conversations are different, the people are different, the issues are almost always the same…Expectations…

It appears as though we, humans, have this uncanny ability to assume that we have a right to expect…expect from all those around us, but rarely from ourself.

Why can’t you do this? Why didn’t you do this? Why do you always say this? why don’t you be this?…..Is this what we have become? Have we forgotten that maybe, just maybe, our children/partners/friends/coworkers/employees etc might just be good enough?

Why is it we are always complaining about our jobs, friends, family to others. Why are we telling others how great our job, friends, family are. It appears that if we don’t have something to bitch about, life isn’t good.

Why is the person in front of you never good enough? Why do we hold expectations for others, that we don’t hold for ourself?

It’s my belief that if you live your life full of expectations, you will live a life full of disappointments.


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